If you would like to confirm our Qso also

in the www.qrz.com logbook I would be very happy.


DIRECT with $1,- or $2,- : I will return to you DIRECT

DIRECT without $ I will return also DIRECT 

So you are free to choose.         

BURO cards : My QSL card to you will come via BURO


Please do not send any Qsl via the Buro to PD0CCF

as he is NOT my Qsl manager !


E-qsl : I do not use this , only real paper please.

nor any other "mickey mouse" electronic methods.


Qsl cards are very welcome , and a part of the hobby ,

So I would love to have yours ,

because a radioshack is nothing without them.

SWL reports are also very much appreciated.

If for some reason you have not received my qsl card,

sometimes it happens,

please don't hesitate to contact me .